Here you see me and the Master Luthier  José Romanillos.

Here you see me and the Master Luthier José Romanillos.

In 2015 I went to Spain, to visited one of the most importent and famous Guitar builders ever, José Romanillos. he was kind enough to invite me and the group I was with to his home and workshop! He even took time to talk to me indiviually to explain me how he bends the back of his Vihuela instruments. He showed us all of his favorite tools, told us about the difficulty he had with making his famous moziac Rosettes-inlay works and gave us a lecture on Spruce tops. Very intresting and a great, great experiance. He is one of my biggest inspirations to date. His lovely wife Marian was there to!

Sir  Romanillos  Holding 2 spruce tops.

Sir Romanillos Holding 2 spruce tops.

Some of his tools.

Some of his tools.

José Romanillos has devoted his life to the true Spanish guitar, (as he like to call it). Which means, a guitar with a spruce (Picea Abies) top following the traditional spanish construction made famous by Antonio de Torres. Romanillos has published many books on the life of Antonio de Torres and the construction of classical guitars. His vision and passion is very inspiring. I very much look up to him. Meeting him in person was a dream come true. Especially sinds I made 2 copy's of his guitars! I hope to meet him and his lovely wife again. Thank you so much for you're time and inspiration.