In March 2016 I went on a 3 week intership at Luthier Graham Emes.
I was able to work for him and learn the ways of guitarmaking in the Granada Style. I managed to make a flamenco guitar in the night hours. I followed Graham's advice and tips and it turned into a wonderful guitar. Cypress Back and sides and a Spruce top. I stayed in the lovely town of St. Ives which is near Lands End. Amazing nature there. It's actually a subtropical climate there that I did not know. When you think of the UK, you think of rainy days. But when I arrived on the 19th of march 2016 it was very hot!  The people there were very friendly and kind. 
Graham has a lovely wife as well. Her name is Lauren and she is an artist. She worked in the same room as we did then. Now she has her own Art Studio near the Beach of St. Ives!



When i got back i felt charged and well. I had seen the real world of a Luthier and actually got to see, feel and experience what it's like to work on guitars everyday.
Graham thanks for this great experience and the Pasties, Fish & Chips and the Bubinga wood! it was great. And dude, i am not gonna drink Tea with Milk in it, just no.

And Lauren thanks for your interest and listening ear and advice. It was great to talk with you and hear what you had to say about your views on the world. And i got to see an Artist at work which was a new for me, very cool. God bless you both and hopefully i will see you guys again!